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Robillion™ was founded in 2007 which is a former state-owned enterprise. Through 10 years operation and development, it has developed into a well-known modern integrated enterprise, including imports, exports, domestic trade and warehousing business, which enjoys high qualification in the customs, commodity inspection, tax bureau, banking, insurance and other management departments and cooperative units. 

Better Processes
Robillion™ is not looking for incremental changes but “challenges existing paradigms” in order to make a real difference.
Customers nowadays expect generation of major savings in time and money, and lowering risk by avoiding mistakes made by other companies.
Robillion™ best processes come from all corners of the globe and from every industry and culture. Successfully adopting them and converting them into realities is our job. As an intermediate supplier we understand that driving growth is our customers first priority. We are the bridge but not only the bridge between oversea importers and local manufacturers. We add value to the products making the quality goods easy accessible and at affordable price.

Company Capabilities.
For  over 10 years we have been building strong and lasting relationships with key manufacturers throughout China. Increasingly we are working with our clients as their sourcing partner. Assisting them with the development of new and existing products. 

Robillion™ is highly committed to quality products, integrity and customer service. This sincere commitment to helping our customers succeed has made us a valued and trusted global supplier. There is no lowest price in China, only the lower and lower prices.

A well designed chemical should be of high quality, cost-effective, timely delivered and safe. It should enable you to strengthen your product portfolio and make better end-products. This allows us to be the best at what we do and what we enjoy doing most.

Robillion™ will supply you with products meeting your particular specifications, ensuring optimal suitability for your specific needs and complete compatibility with your applications.


Robillion™ will supply you with any quantity you require. No order is too large or too small for us to handle. Furthermore, you may rest assured that small orders will be handled equally attentively and diligently as large ones.


Robillion™ will pack your order in packages made of any material, in any size specified.


Robillion™ will handle your order quickly and efficiently, meeting the challenge of severe time constraints when necessary. We will spare no effort to deliver - any time, on time, every time.


Robillion™ will ship your 
products to any location around the globe.