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u  Transaction & Sample:

Customer's tel/fax/email/letter will be responded in 24 hours rapidly.

Customer's tel/fax/email/letter inquiry will be handled and quoted in 24 hours rapidly.

Payment 100% irrevocable LC at sight appreciated.

Product sample request will be arranged and sent out by courier service in reasonable time.

Minimum order quantity(MOQ): no limit currently.


u  Inspection & Package:

Products are examined quality strictly as per export & shipment requirement by factory laboratory's analysis, CIQ's inspection and our Robillion QC department's test.

All new, neat & strong package.

Pallets/wooden packing materials treatment conforms to updated IPPC standard.

Shipping marks / Palletizing / Fumigation / Phytosanitary service optional.

Special treatment procedure for dangerous goods.


u  Stuffing & Shipment:

Shipment space will be reserved and booked immediately after LC/TT confirmed.

Shipment effected within about 2 weeks after LC/TT received.

Shipping line appointment if necessary.

SGS/PvoC/CIQ pre-shipment inspection for some special countries.

Photos about the cargos and the container.

Shipment Advice to customers in 3 working days usually after shipment.


u  Sipping Documents:

Bill of Lading available within 3-10 working days after shipment depending on near or far ocean voyage.

Full set of shipping documents for bank presentation within 3-10 working days after shipment depending on B/L circumstance and L/C condition.

GSP Form-A certificate and recent Form-E certificate for south-east Asian countries.

Certificate of origin by CCPIT/CIQ.

Insurance by PICC or other competent insurance institution.


u  More Services:

EMS, China Express, DHL, TNT, FEDEX or other courier services upon customer's option. The relative courier waybill number may be tracked on the internet.

Technical support on products and usages including common and speciality problem.